SIAE (Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori – Italian Authors and Publishers’ Society), is an Italian Institute that protects Artist’s royalties worldwide.

Every time an Italian or International track is performed live or on a Cd/Dj Set etc. in front of a number of people (guests or public) in a Location in Italy, SIAE demands the payment of a License.

This License is Obligatory, and has to be paid before the Event. 
In the Case of a Wedding or Event, it is up to the Organizers (the marrying couple or the person in charge of the organization) to pay this License. 
Locations or Musicians/Singers cannot be held responsible for the payment of the License.

A quick and easy way to pay the License is by going on the official SIAE’s website and paying it online. While this process may sound quite easy, it is all written in Italian, and that is why WEDDING MUSIC ITALY provides the additional service of taking care of the practical aspects during the online payment. We will help you with the technical aspects in order for you to pay the License from your Home, wherever you are.

License costs may vary according to the number of guests and the type of Music performed at the wedding. We will send you SIAE’s official list so that you may know the exact amount you have to pay for the Event.

Official SIAE website:

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